Easton Hockey Elbow Pads are broken down into three different syles. The Stealth is designed for a very lightweight, low-profile design with a natural fit. The Synergy is designed for fit and comfort without sacrificing protection. The Easton Pro elbow pad is designed for pro-level protection.
Traditional Contoured Tapered Traditional Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Easton Synergy Hockey Elbow Pads
Tapered Fit

  • The Easton Synergy GX Elbow Pads utilize the best of Easton's protective technology for maximum protection and mobility. The elbow cap features 3 different levels of protection. Besides the Tru-Air ventilated PE elbow cap, the GX elbow uses the lightweight E-Cell HD foam to add another level of impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Additionally, Easton placed Helyx 10™ inside the elbow donut.

  • The Easton Synergy 850 Elbow Pads provide a high level of protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort. The breathable elbow cap features Tru-Air vents built into its molded PE construction to add ventilation to the sturdy design. On the outer side of cap, the Synergy 850 uses E-Cell HD foam lattice for even greater protection without adding a lot of weight.

Easton Pro Hockey Elbow Pads
Traditional Fit

Easton Stealth Hockey Elbow Pads
Contoured Fit

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