Standard Hockey Blades are designed to work ONLY with Standard Hockey Shafts. Here at IW Hockey, we carry a wide selection of Standard Blades, ranging from Full Composite Blades for indoors, full ABS Fiberglass Blades for outdoors, Traditional Wood Blades for a classic feel and Crossover Blades for benefits of both ABS and Wood Blades.

Bauer Standard Hockey Blades Senior

Bauer Standard Hockey Blades are designed to work with Standard Hockey Shafts only. Bauer offers a few different models of the popular Supreme family. The 1S Composite Blade features a near identical construction as the flagship one-piece Vapor 1S, which offers that great puck feel.
  • The Bauer Supreme 1S Traditional Composite Hockey Blade is the top of the line model from Bauer and incorporates exciting technology from the one-piece version. The Supreme 1S blade is constructed of featherlight TeXtreme carbon fiber and eLASTech Resin, which offers some of the best durability and responsiveness around. Internally, the 1S is designed with a PowerSense that has a softer, dampened feel. This not only helps a player when catching passes but it increases puck contact time, leading to more power out of big shots. 

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  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Traditional Composite Hockey Blade is a premier option in Bauer's blade lineup. The MX3 Blade has the same internal construction as the blade in the MX3 stick. It features the new PowerSense 2 Technology that provides maximum shot power by strategically utilizing a softer core. This softer core creates more puck contact time during the shooting process, storing more energy in the shaft that will be unloaded into raw velocity. 

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  • The Bauer i300 ABS Traditional Hockey Blades are constructed of high-strength ABS fiberglass, allowing them to withstand a beating from rough outdoor surfaces like concrete and asphalt. 

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  • The Bauer SH100 Street Hockey Blades are the direct replacement for the Bauer SH100 Wood Street Sticks, but it is compatible with other wooden shafts too. The SH100 is constructed of a durable injected poly material that has a matte finish, which gives players more stickhandling control. The SH100 blade attaches to senior and youth shafts through the two phillips screws (one on each side). The curve is one of Bauer's most popular curves from their stick line, the P92 Ovechkin. 

Alkali Standard Hockey Blades Senior

Alkali Hockey offers Traditional hockey blades for a classic feel and shot profile. Alkali carries both the RPD Comp and RPD Lite so you have the choice of two types of blades. The Comp utilizes a wood core so you can still get the same puck feel as a wood stick but it has a fiberglass exterior for durability. The Lite utilizes an all fiberglass construction that is lightweight and durable. Standard blades are only compatable with Standard shafts.

CCM Standard Hockey Blades Senior

CCM Standard Hockey Blades are meant to fit into Standard Hockey Shafts only. CCM's Crossover ABS blade is a very popular blade for outdoor hockey because of it's time-tested durability.
  • The CCM Ultimate ABS Hockey Blades are ideal for outdoor hockey, regardless of the surface it will be used on. The CCM Ultimate Blade uses a strong, ABS reinforcement that can be used on rough concrete or pavement, unlike traditional wood blades. This blade also has a very popular heritage because of these features and dates back to the classic Koho Ultimate 2100. 
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Frontier Standard Hockey Blades Senior

Frontier Standard Hockey Blades are only campatable with Standard Shafts. The M9 Wood blade gives traditional feel. The F-Xover is a mixture of wood and ABS that combines durablility with a traditional feel. For durability, the F-Blue is comprised of an ABS and fiberglass combination.
  • The Frontier M9 Wood Standard Hockey Blade is a solid choice for the player who wants a traditional feel for the puck. This M9 utilizes a traditional wood construction with ABS fiberglass laminate, enhancing stiffness and responsiveness. The carbon stringers through the blade's face and backhand also work to increase rigidity for better feel and pop. The hosel has also been reinforced to ensure accuracy by preventing the blade from opening up on big shots.


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  • The Frontier F-Xover ABS Standard Hockey Blade is a premium option for players who want traditional puck feel and top of the line durability. The F-Xover has a full ABS core with an ashwood insert that not only enhances a player's sense for the puck but it also reduces about 10% of the weight compared to a full ABS blade. This robust and balanced design can be used on all outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete. 

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  • The Frontier F-Blue ABS Standard Hockey Blades are constructed of a full ABS core with additional fiberglass reinforcement, giving players excellent durability with top notch stiffness. The strong ABS core allows this blade to be used on any kind of outdoor surface, including concrete and asphalt. 
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Mylec Standard Hockey Blades

Mylec Hockey carries Standard Hockey Blades that replace your existing outdoor blade. The Mylec Z-Blade is a traditional blade constructed of glass and plastic for durability. This blade only fits in traditional shafts. The Jet-Flo blade only fits on the Mylec Jet-Flo street hockey stick and is ideal for concrete and asphalt play.
  • The Mylec Z-Blade hockey blade is designed for recreational street hockey play. Mylec has used a plastic construction with a glass filled core for increased durability and rigidity. The Mylec Z-Blade fits standard senior hockey shafts.


  • The Mylec Eclipse Jet-Flo Street hockey blades are the replacement blades for the Jet-Flo hockey sticks. The Jet-Flo replacement blades fit over the hockey shaft and are secured by to screws on each side of the blade that screw into the wood shaft. The Jet-Flo hockey blades are perfect for street and drive way hockey.


Sherwood Standard Hockey Blades Senior

Sherwood Standard Hockey Blades can only be fit into a Standard Shaft. For that classic feel, the 950 is composed of white ash wood. The best of both worlds is given with the 5030 with its wood, fiberglass combination. The T20 is very durable, being comprised of an ABS core with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • The Sherwood T20 ABS Hockey Blades are an ideal choice for all kinds of outdoor surfaces. Most traditional wood blades will disintegrate when used outdoors but this T20 blade has a durable ABS core that will last on asphalt and concrete. The multi-directional layering of fiberglass insures a tough and rigid feel from heel to toe providing an accurate shot release.

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Tour Standard Hockey Blades Senior

Tour's Standard Hockey Blades are only compatible with a Standard Shaft. The Q20 ABS blade is perfect for a great game of outdoor hockey with its ABS core, wood, and fiberglass construction.
  • The Tour Q20 ABS Hockey Blades are a great pickup for outdoor play. Tour utilizes a durable and strong ABS Core with fiberglass reinforcement that can be used on rough surfaces like asphalt and concrete The Q20 blade has a wooden hosel that offers players a traditional feel for the puck without sacrificing durability. 

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True Standard Hockey Blades Senior

True's Standard Hockey Blades work only with Standard Hockey Shafts. The A6.0 blade has a strong, lightweight feel which will be quick and responsive with stick-handling and shots.
  • The True A6.0 SBP Composite Standard Hockey Blade is the top of line, standard option from True Hockey. Just like the one-piece sticks, these A6.0 SBP blades feature exciting BRT or Braided Rib Technology. This all new construction process was able to make blade 50% stronger than the previous A6.0, making sure that the great puck feel will stick around and last. The True A6.0 SBP blades also come with a 30-day, limited one-time replacement warranty like the one-piece stick warranties.

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Warrior Standard Hockey Blades Senior

Warrior offers Traditional hockey blades for solid shot and great feel. These blades are only compatable with Standard Hockey Shafts. The HD 1T blade provides top of the line performance with its lightweight carbon fiber construction. The HD Pro comp includes extra durability without sacrificing that great puck feel.
  • The Warrior Dynasty HD1S Composite Hockey Blade is the premium, traditionally-fitting blade option in from Warrior this year. The HD1S utilizes pro-spec, 12K carbon fiber just like the true one-piece. Internally, Warrior provided the HD1S with their premier Hardcore X Foam Package with Uni-Spar Reinforcement, offering top notch puck feel and responsiveness. 

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  • The Warrior Dynasty HDPro Composite Hockey Blades are a great choice for players looking for extra durability without sacrificing performance. The HDPro utilizes pro-spec 12K carbon fiber with a D-Lite blade core for longevity and puck feel. 

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