The Re-Edger Ice Skate Blade Sharpening Tool
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The Re-Edger Ice Skate Blade Sharpening Tool

This innovative hand-held multi-function tool utilizes the sharpening power of ceramic steel and a replaceable honing stone for de-burring, making The Re-Edger™ perfect for on-the-fly repairs.

The Re-Edger™ combines handheld sharpening technology and precision honing in one simple device. The ceramic steel fits player and goalie hockey blades as well as most figure skate blades. To repair the edges simply follow the instructions below.

The Re-Edger™ does not replace professional skate sharpening. It should be used between sharpenings and for emergency purposes.

To repair skate blade edges, place skate blade between the white prongs and slide The Re-Edger™ with light pressure in one direction only. Repeat if needed.

To remove nicks, place stone flat onto the side of the blade. Using light pressure, rub in one direction only. Repeat until abrasion is removed. Do not over rub.

Additional black portion has been added to prongs to increase strength.

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Comments: This is a must have in your bag.  I didn't believe the hype but it is real.  I did 2 passes and I could tell a difference as soon as I stepped onto the ice.
From: Andrew, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Comments: Great for pre game sharpenings to keep skates in good shape between pro sharpenings. Must have accessory!
From: Ashley, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Comments: This tool works great, I got it as a stocking suffer and was not sure if it would work. It immediately took the burrs off of my blade and sharpened it right up, I don't go to the rink without it.
From: Kyle, Tucson, AZ

Comments: This thing really works. I stepped on a metal drain pipe cover on my way out of the locker room. The Re-Edger saved the day.
From: Nicholas, Winston-Salem

Comments: Product definitely works! As other reviewer said make sure to test out how many times to pass it along the blade to see how sharp you want the blade. I suggest bringing it on the bench with you the first time to figure out how many.
From: Dave, IL

Comments: I highly recommend this product to all my teammates. The Re-Edger really helps you keep your edges clean and sharp for longer between actual sharpenings.
From: Curtis, Boise, Idaho

Comments: Only pass it once along your skates and see how it feels. i did mine about 6 times and they were way too sharp.                                               From: Chris


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