Wet Gear Sport Dryer Heater System
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Wet Gear Sport Dryer Heater System

With over 20 years of success, the Wet Gear Sport Dryer Heater System is perfect for an everyday player, a tournament player, or someone who just wants to get rid of sweaty gear fast. The Wet Gear Dryer uses heat and circulated air to actively eliminate moisture and perspiration from your gear.  Simply hang your gear on the rack or lay on the inside floor, zip up the bag and turn on the heated blower.  That simple!  Typically within 1 hour your gear is dry.  

The Wet Gear Sport Dryer rack is made of steel and the metal clips that are affixed to the rack.  The multi-level pole design allows you to spread out your gear improving circulation which decreases your drying time.  A simple, but productive design.  The drying bag measures 55" in height.  The largest drier bag volume on the market.  Easily accommodates a full set of senior ice gear.

This quick, heated drying process significantly helps reduce odor and potentially harmful bacteria from growing prolonging the life of your gear.  

The Wet Gear Sport Dryer is easily set-up in minutes and comes complete with a heavy-duty carry bag and a bottle of Odor Terminator spray.

  • Measurements: 55'' x 34'' L


  • Heating Unit: 
    • 800 Watt electric converter with forced air fan that allows heat to transfer quicker
    • Works with 110V outlet only (North America)
    • Adjustable timer (0-180 min) with auto-off
    • Dual Overheating Protection System
      • Should the motor overheat, the Dual Overheating Protection System will shut the motor down for about 5 minutes. 
  • Gear Rack:
    • Cold rolled steel construction 
    • 6 heavy duty metal clips for gear
  • Dryer bag with FR rating
  • Heavy duty 600 denier carry bags for motor and for gear rack/dryer bag
  • 1 bottle of Odor Terminator spray included
  • Easy to assemble. No tools needed
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Comments: This dryer is awesome! I play 3-4 times a week and it quickly dries my gear quickly before I play again so that its not nasty and moist. I previously bought the rocket dryer and wasn't happy with it. I couldn't fit all my gear in at the same time so I had to do multiple loads. Then the plastic broke on me. That's why I bought this dryer and its working fantastic! 
From: Richard, San Diego, CA

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