W08 (Kovlchk)

Senior W08 (Kovlchk) Sticks

  • Warrior Covert DT2 Grip Hockey Stick Sr

    The Warrior Covert DT2 grip hockey sticks feature all of the same high end technologies as the DT1 sticks but with a couple a differences in the shaft design.  The Covert DT2 stick utilizes Warriors Dagger Taper® Technology, providing an extremely low-kick point.  Several game changing materials were integrated into the DT2's blade to make them more durable and have a longer pop life.   The Senior stick length is 62" and is available in 75, 85 and 100 flex with a grip coating.

  • Warrior Dynasty AX3 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Warrior Dynasty AX3 Hockey Sticks are an excellent mid price-point stick that has a great balance of price, value and performance. The AX3 utilizes the same fiber arrangements seen in the flagship AX1 stick, called Warrior's AxySym technology. The Senior stick length is 61" and is available in 75, 85, and 100 flex with a Velvet Touch and Slick Grip finish. 

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