Junior PP88 Sticks

  • Sherwood REKKER EK10 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr
    • Stick Length: 52"
    • Available Flexes: 45
    • Weight: 479 grams (based on an 85 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational


    The Sherwood Rekker EK10 Grip Hockey Sticks feature high-end technologies at an entry-level price. The Rekker EK10 utilizes the same VRF.2 blade construction as the flagship EK15, which provides a lively blade with deadly accuracy. The shaft is constructed of a fiberglass and carbon blend with double reinforced side walls. This very durable and responsive shaft is fused through the heel of the blade, which then transmits puck feel directly to the player's hands just like a true one-piece.

  • Sherwood REKKER EK50 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr
    • Stick Length: 48" & 52"
    • Available Flexes: 35 & 45
    • Weight: 427 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Performance


    The Sherwood Rekker EK50 Grip Stick is a small step down from the top of the line EK60, offering an incredible amount of value for the price. With the exception of Graphene, the EK50 utilizes all of the same materials and technologies as the EK60. The result of this is a high-performance stick that costs nearly half as much as their competitor's premium sticks, despite the EK50 weighing less than most (427 grams in senior). 

  • Sherwood REKKER EK60 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr
    • Stick Length: 52.5"
    • Available Flexes: 45
    • Weight: 385 grams (based on an 85 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite


    The Sherwood Rekker EK60 Grip Hockey Stick is not only the lightest low kick stick on the market, it's now also one of the strongest too. For the first time ever, the lower 1/3rd of the EK60 is reinforced with a nano-material called Graphene that is 200 times stronger than steel for unparalleled strength and durability in the key breakage area.

  • Sherwood REKKER EK60 Grip Hockey Sticks Yth
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