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Junior PP88 Sticks

  • Sherwood REKKER EK9 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr

    The Sher-wood Rekker EK9 Grip Hockey Sticks offers a lot of the same great features as the flagship EK15 twig, but at an even better price. The shaft uses Sherwood's compression molded spear construction, providing tons of responsiveness and a direct feel for the puck. The Junior stick length is 53" and is available in 45 flex with a grip finish.

  • Sherwood True Touch T100 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr

    The Sherwood T100 Grip Hockey Sticks are the top of the line model out of the True Touch line. The T100 sticks are very balanced and durable, utilizing a mid-kick point for booming slap shots and one-timers. The Junior stick length is 52" and is available in 40 flex with a grip stick finish. 

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