Junior Straight Sticks

  • Sherwood 5000 Wood Hockey Sticks Yth

    The Sherwood 5000 Hockey Sticks are traditional wood hockey sticks at a great price.  The Sherwood 5000 stick has a multi-layer birch laminated shaft with a white ash core blade reinforced with multi-directional and high impact-resistant fiberglass making it very responsive and durable.  The Youth stick length is 41.5" and is available in 30 flex.

  • Sherwood REKKER EK9 Hockey Sticks Yth Straight

    The Sher-wood Rekker EK9 Hockey Sticks offers a lot of the same great features as the flagship EK15 twig, but at an even better price. The shaft uses Sherwood's compression molded spear construction, providing tons of responsiveness and a direct feel for the puck. The Intermediate stick length is 46" and is available in 30 flex with a clear stick finish.

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