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Junior P46 Sticks

  • Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Dual Grip Hockey Sticks Jr R

    The Reebok 20K SicKick 4 Dual Grip Hockey Sticks are the premier sticks in the SicKick line.  The 20K is a true one-piece stick, making it unbelievably light and balanced.  The 20K features the Dual Matrix II™ carbon fiber construction providing ultra quick releases.  The 20K also features a blade that gets progressively stiffer from the heel to toe, providing more accuracy and control.  The Junior Stick length will be measured upon arrival and is available in a 50 flex with a Dual Grip.

  • Reebok RibCor Grip Hockey Sticks Jr

    The Reebok RibCor Grip Hockey Sticks are the premier model coming out of the new Reebok stick line. This flagship stick is the first ever pre-loaded hockey stick to hit the market. Through years of research, Reebok was able to give players a stick where the fibers in the lower half of the stick are "primed" or "pre-loaded" to provide instant power and one of the fastest shot releases to date. The Junior Stick length is 52" and is available in a 50 flex with a Griptonite (grip) stick finish.

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