Senior Jagr Sticks

  • Koho 250 ABS Wood Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Koho 250 ABS Wood Hockey Sticks utilize a multi-laminated shaft to provide excellent durability and consistency. The Koho 250 is perfect for street hockey with the ABS blade that is reinforced with fiberglass. This blade will last much longer than a traditional wood blade on outdoor surfaces.

  • Koho 300 ABS Wood Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Koho 300 ABS Wood Crossover Hockey Sticks offer a traditional wood stick feel with modern day durability. The Koho 300 stick is constructed with a durable, multi-lam wood with an ABS reinforced cross over blade. This durable design allows players to use this Koho 300 on any surface, such as asphalt and pavement, without losing the classic wood feel in the hands. The Senior Stick Length is 57.5" and is available in an 85 flex with a clear, non-grip stick finish. 

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