A hard slash to the wrist can cause some serious damage, unless you are wearing a protective Hockey Wristband or Hockey Wristguard. There are different types of wristguards to choose from depending on your needs; for the most slash protection there are padded elastic bands with or without molded plastic inserts and there are also cut-resistant wrist guards that will protect against a sharp hockey blade runner.
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Wristbands & Wristguards

  • The Bauer Slash Hockey Wrist Guards features a plastic insert backed with foam for added wrist protection.


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  • The Shock Doctor Velocity ShockSkin™ Slash Wrist Guards are great for the player looking for more protection between the gloves and elbow pads. The ShockSkin™ integrated fabric and vented foam pads are secured with high frequency seams, and move and contour with the wrist and forearm for ultimate comfort and lightweight protection.

  • The CCM Padded Hockey Slash Wrist Guards are available in 3.5" and 5" lengths. CCM utilized a dual-density padded design: comfortable low-density foams that sit directly on top of the wrists topped with high-density foams for optimal protection. These foams sit in a sweat wicking, terry-cloth material that showcases an embroidered CCM logo.

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  • The Reebok Padded Slash Hockey Wrist Guards are available in a 3.5" or 5" length. Theses wrist guards  are made with moisture wicking Terry Cloth, and consist of dual density foam inserts. The underside of the foam is comfortably soft and the top contains rigid protection for slashes.


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  • The Warrior Wrist Band are your typical sweat wrist bands, that offer some additional light protection from slashes.

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  • The Under Armour Performance Wristbands are constructed of multi-channel performance fibers that do a great job of absorbing sweat and wicking away moisture. The high-quality construction, including the embroidered UA logos, will last through the most rigorous workouts and washing machine cycles. 

  • The Tuff n Lite Cut Resistant Hockey Wrist Guards are ounce for ounce 15 times stronger than steel and yet they are still soft as cotton!  Tuff n Lite hockey wrist guards provide a high level of protection for a player’s exposed wrist/forearm area against sharp ice skate blades.  The wrist guards offer some of the highest level of protection available today. Tuff n Lite wrist guards are moisture wicking and antibacterial.  

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