Alkali Hockey offers Traditional hockey blades in both wood and composite constructions. The RPD Comp and RPD Lite feature a traditional wood construction while the RPD Recon combines ABS with carbon fiberglass. The Comp utilizes a wood core so you can still get the same puck feel as a wood stick but it has a fiberglass exterior for durability. The Lite utilizes an all fiberglass construction that is lightweight and durable. Standard blades are only compatible with Standard shafts.

Alkali Standard Hockey Blades Senior

  • The Alkali RPD Recon Composite ABS Blades are one of a kind, giving the outdoor player the stiffness and feel like that of a blade on a one-piece composite stick. The Poly AirBond blade core features a durable ABS laminate that allows it to be used on rough surfaces like asphalt and concrete. 


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