Alkali Hockey offers Tapered hockey blades for a classic feel and shot profile. Alkali carries both the RPD Comp and RPD Lite so you have the choice of two types of blades. The Comp utilizes a wood core so you can still get the same puck feel as a wood stick but it has a fiberglass exterior for durability. The Lite utilizes a all fiberglass construction that is lightweight and durable. Tapered blades are only compatible with tapered shafts.
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Alkali Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

  • The Alkali RPD Comp Wood ABS Tapered Hockey Blades are an excellent choice for those looking to use a blade outdoors that offers a traditional wood feel. The blade is tapered and only fits into tapered shafts. This decreases the hosel's and the blade's height by 1", resulting in a lighter and a better balanced 2-piece stick. The internal wood insert gives players the classic wood puck feel while the high strength fiberglass carbon laminate allows it to be used on rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete.


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  • The Alkali RPD Lite ABS Wood Tapered Hockey Blades utilize one of the most durable and long lasting construction processes for outdoor blades on the market. It's also unique to find an ABS wood blade with a taper. This decreases the height of the blade and hosel by about an 1", resulting in an overall better balanced stick with a lighter feel. This full ABS blade is reinforced with impact resistant fiberglass to insure the blade will last on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

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