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Battle Sports Mouthguards

Battle Sports Mouthguards give players a unique look on the rink with different graphics available. This mouthguard design is tried and tested over the years to offer solid protection and breathability.
  • The Battle Sports 2 Color Mouthguards are a great choice for someone looking for a mouthguard that will give them solid protection. The Battle Sports mouthguards are made of Ever-Mold™ composite which allows the player to re-boil and re-mold their mouthguard for the perfect fit. A bottom teeth barricade protects your lower teeth on impact while air flow channels promote good breathability.

    Colors: 7
  • The Battle Sports Fang Mouthguards give you the same great protection and feel as the original Battle Sports 2 mouthguard but with a sweet fang graphic printed on the front to give you a custom look. These mouthguards stabilize the top and bottom of your jaw to minimize jaw motion on impact and the Ever-Mold™ composite integrated into the mouthguard gives the player a perfect fit even if they get their braces adjusted. Just re-boil and re-mold. 

    Colors: 9
  • The Battle Sports NHL Team Mouthguards is a great way for you to protect your mouth while supporting your favorite NHL hockey team. Whether you have braces or not, the Perfect Fit Technology™ is designed to give the player the best fit and comfort. Battle Sports Ever-Mold™ advanced composite ensures that you can get the perfect fit, even if you get your braces adjusted. Just re-boil and re-mold.

    Colors: 1
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