Bauer Hockey has all the Accessories you need from skate to protective gear and stick accessories so you're never unprepared for a big game.

Bauer Ice Hockey Skate Accessories

Bauer Hockey has every different Ice Hockey Skate Accessory you need to make sure your Bauer skates are performing at their best. Bauer carries the new TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder and Fusion Edge Runners which are the most commonly used holder/runner combo in the NHL, so you know you're getting professional quality. Bauer also has the Supreme Tongue inserts packs, holder hardware, Lightspeed edge travel kits, soakers, skate blade guards and a skate mat.

Bauer Roller Hockey Skate Accessories

Bauer Hockey carries Roller Hockey Skate Accessories like wheel axles and bearing spacers designed specifically for Bauer skates so you're always prepared in case you blow out a wheel or need replacement parts.

Bauer Hockey Protective Gear Accessories

Bauer Hockey offers Protective Gear Accessories for your helmet, neck and wrists to make sure you're protected in all vital areas. Bauer carries replacement clips and spacers for face shields along with chin cups, ear covers and loops for select Bauer helmets. Bauer also provides padded wrist guards for slash protection, skull caps to keep the sweat from your face and neck guards for skate blade cut protection.

Bauer Hockey Stick Accessories

Bauer Hockey offers Composite End Plugs for both the Supreme TotalONE NXG and Vapor APX2 for additional length. The composite end plugs are significantly lighter than wood end plugs to keep your stick balanced better. The Vapor APX2 fits well with current Vapor sticks and the Supreme NXG fits well with current Supreme sticks but both of these may work with other stick brands as well.
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