Bauer Hockey offers a variety of different bags like carry, wheel, and backpack bags so you can easily take your gear from one rink to the next. Bauer also has puck and travel bags for those long road trips.
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Bauer Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Bauer Hockey features Hockey Wheel Bags that make it a breeze to roll your gear from one rink to the next. Bauer has Core and Premium bags to fit your price range. Core bags are generally made for the player who plays once or twice a week and needs a simple bag. Premium is for the player who plays four to five times a week and needs a bag they can count on for the constant abuse and travel.

Bauer Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Old bag finally on it's last leg? Bauer Hockey has Core and Premium Hockey Gear Carry Bags so you can find the right bag for you or your team. Core is for the casual or recreational player who needs a simple but durable bag. Premium is for the player who plays constantly and needs a durable bag that can take constant abuse from moving rink to rink. Both Core and Premium bags are offered in a Team style that are ideal for logo placement.

Bauer Hockey Gear Backpacks

Bauer Hockey provides Hockey Gear Backpacks to make carrying your gear much easier on you. Bauer offers their Premium backpacks in both a carry version and wheeled version for your preference. Premium bags are designed for the player that plays often and needs a bag that can withstand constant abuse when moving from rink to rink.

Bauer Hockey Stick Bags

Bauer Hockey offers high-quality Stick Bags to protect your weapons of choice.

Bauer Hockey Puck Bags

Bauer Hockey makes it easy on the coaches by offering quality Puck Bags to keep your pucks together.

Bauer Hockey Travel Bags

Traveling in style has never been easier with Bauer Hockey Travel Bags. They have everything you need from duffle bags to skate and jersey bags.

Bauer Hockey Referee Bags

Bauer Hockey doesn't forget about the officials as they are a key part of this great game. So they created Referee Bags so stripes can get from rink to the next with ease.
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