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Bauer Hockey offers a good selection of hockey cages, varying in price, weight, color and wire shapes. Certain hockey players prefer different wire colors, both inside and outside of the hockey helmet. The most common is a silver finish so it the cage does not blend it's color with white ice or a black puck. White, which is available in a full white cage or a white interior with a black exterior, helps to bring out the black puck from the white ice. Black cages are the most traditional and generally the most inexpensive.

Bauer Hockey Helmet Cages

  • The Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmet Cage offers great protection and visibility while being the lightest cage on the market. Bauer has used narrower wires along with the Titanium Smoke color to maximize visibility.  The smoke colored cage doesn't reflect light like the chrome cage, and the black puck is more visable though a smoked cage verses the black cage.

  • The Bauer 7500 Hockey Helmet Cages offer great protection and visibility. Bauer has used narrower wires along with an enhanced design for increased facial coverge. The 7500 cage has a similar profile to some of the former Itech cages.


  • The Bauer Profile II White Hockey Helmet Cage is a great looking, oval-wired cage that is available at a great price. The oval wires help to reduce visual obstruction while the dual-density floating chin cup provides solid comfort.

  • The Bauer 5100 True Vision Hockey Helmet Cage offers optimal vision and protection in the True Vision II color. The steel wire construction blocks objects away from the face and keeps teeth in place. The 5100 cage features a dual-density floating chin cup to keep you comfortable and locked in.

  • The Bauer 2100 hockey Helmet Cage offers optimal vision and protection.  The steel wire construction blocks objects away from the face and keeps teeth in place. The 2100 cage design offers extended face protection, and large True Vision openings form maximum visibility.

  • The Bauer RBE lll 905 i2 Hockey Helmet Cages offer solid protection from the steel wire construction.  With superior visibility from the black outside color and white interior color.  This design was originated by Itech with their I2 cages.  Same great design but now under the great Bauer name.

  • The Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield is the next generation of one of the most used full shields in hockey. Stemming back to the Itech Concept shields, this Bauer Concept 3 uses advanced technology to keep a player well protected on the rink without sacrificing visibility. Bauer also includes a Bauer helmet bag to help keep the visor from getting scratched as well.

  • The Bauer Hybrid Hockey Helmet Shield is a great choice for the player who wants the visibility of a shield with the breathability of a cage. The Hybrid Shield features a strong polycarbonate construction, utilizing an anti-fog interior coating and an anti-scratch exterior coating. The cage is constructed of a strong, flat-wire design that is optimized for breathability and vision.

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