Bauer Hockey Goalie Ice Skates Senior

IW Hockey offers various Bauer goalie ice skates to choose from including the Bauer Supreme and Bauer Reactor lines. Various sizes and levels of protection are available ensuring you get the most performance out of your goalie skate. For more information on general sizing check out the IW Learning Center page.

Bauer Hockey Goalie Ice Skates Junior

IW Hockey offers the whole line of Junior Bauer Goalie Ice Skates. Choosing the appropriate size and level of protection will ensure you get the most performance out of your Ice Hockey Goalie Skate. For additional information on sizing, fit and protection check out the IW Learning Center.
  • The Bauer Reactor 2000 Goalie Hockey Skates are the most affordable model in the Reactor Skate Line. The 2000 is constructed of a premium nylon quarter package that offers good support with the high density foam ankle padding. The quality Bauer cowling provides goalies with sound protection and comfort with the exhaust vent located on the bottom near the outsole. 

  • The Bauer Pro Goalie Ice Hockey Skate is Bauer's premium top of the line goalie skate offering unmatched quality and protection for goaltenders up to the professional levels. Bauer's pro goalie ice skates are constructed with top end materials ensuring excellent durability and performance.

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