Inline Warehouse has an excellent selection of Roller Hockey Skate Bearings. Hockey Bearings come in a wide range of price points and performance, some are perfect and cost effective for the youngsters just getting into hockey and some are for the big boys who need the best performance possible at the professional level. Each hockey wheel requires two bearings, so if you need to replace a full set of 8 wheels you will need a 16-pack or two 8-packs. Hockey Skate Bearings also come in two sizes; the traditional 608 bearing (which is the size of a nickel) and the micro 808 bearing (which is the size of a dime.) Traditional bearings only fit in traditionally-sized wheels and micro bearings only fit in mirco-sized wheels; so make sure you check before ordering. Once you know what you are looking for, feel free to use our Bearing Finder below for speedy shopping!
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