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Hockey Gear Backpacks are a more convenient way to carry hockey equipment around compared to the traditional one-strap hockey bags. The dual-strap backpack bags evenly distribute the weight of the gear between both shoulders rather than one, making them more comfortable and easier to get through narrow doorways. Some Hockey Gear Backpacks are wheeled, meaning they also give players the option to use wheels at the bottom and the telescoping handle to pull the bag around. Hockey Gear Backpacks can be discounted for team sales, click here for more information on a team purchase.

Bauer Hockey Gear Backpacks

Bauer Hockey provides both backpack and backpack wheel bags to make carrying easier on your shoulders and back.

CCM Hockey Gear Backpacks

CCM Hockey Gear Backpacks give you the option of carrying or wheeling your bag back and forth from rink to rink. The RBZ 130 gives you both of those features and has a durable spine so the bag keeps its integrity over time.

Easton Hockey Gear Backpacks

Easton Hockey is making it easier on you by providing hockey gear backpacks for easy transport in the car and from the car to the locker room.

Reebok Hockey Gear Backpacks

Tired of your one shoulder carrying all the weight? Reebok Hockey carries both wheeled and regular hockey gear backpacks for your preference. The 8K is your standard backpack bag that provides excellent durability and comfort. The 18K is the same as the 8K but also has wheels so if don't want to carry it around, you can easily roll it from rink to rink.

Warrior Hockey Gear Backpacks

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