IW Hockey has a good selection of Hockey Puck Bags that are designed to make transporting, storing and distributing hockey pucks a breeze.

Hockey Puck Bags

  • The Bauer S14 Puck Bag is a great choice for any team needing a simple puck bag that can get the job done. The durable polyester construction will last the test of time and webbed grab handles make carrying easy. Carries 50-75 pucks.

  • The Easton Hockey Puck Bag can carry 100 pucks or 8 water bottles (both Traditional and Tall Boy style), and features an exterior sleeve pocket for additional storage for coach / player accessories.

    Colors: 1
  • The Tour PuckShed Hockey Puck Bag carries 50-75 pucks with a simple and durable design. From the zipper to the thick tarpaulin base layer, the PuckShed is built to last and help the team out for seasons to come. 

    Colors: 1
  • The Sidelines Sports Hockey Puck Keeper Bag provides fast storage and easy distribution of hockey pucks. A durable metal ramp is designed within the bag which provides smooth transfer of pucks from ice to the Puck Keeper.

    Colors: 1
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