Hockey Gear Wheel Bags are the easiest way to get your heavy hockey equipment from Point A to Point B. These Hockey Bags have a traditional design and shape but feature two to three wheels on one end and a carrying handle at the other. These hockey bags make a great team bag, Click here for more information on a team purchase.
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Bauer Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Bauer Hockey features Hockey Wheel Bags that make it a breeze to roll your gear from one rink to the next. Bauer has Core and Premium bags to fit your price range. Core bags are generally made for the player who plays a once or twice a week and needs a simple bag. Premium is for the player who plays four to five times a week and needs a bag they can count on for the constant abuse and travel.

CCM Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

CCM Hockey Gear Wheel Bags come at many separate price points so you can find the right bag within your budget. With wheeled hockey bags ranging from the tower construction, Deluxe Bags, and Basic Bags CCM has you covered.

Easton Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Easton Wheeled Hockey Bags feature two price point bags in the premium construction of the Easton Synergy Elite Wheeled Bags and the affordable design of Easton Synergy Wheel Hockey Bags.

Grit Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Grit offers top-notch wheel bags, including their best-selling HTSE. Each bag includes a large shelving unit so you can place each piece of your gear for easy access and accelerated drying times. The HTSE can stand up on its own or be folded up for storage. The HYSE is the youth version of the HTSE, with all the bells and whistles made just for the young hockey star.

Sherwood Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Is it time to upgrade to a new bag? Sherwood Hockey has two lines of Hockey Gear Wheel Bags that make it very easy to get your gear from rink to rink on any budget. The Rekker Wheeled Bags offer a more complex design with organization features, while the True Touch Wheeled Bags provide a standard and more affordable construction.

Warrior Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Warrior Hockey offers Hockey Wheel Bags to make transporting your gear easy. Warrior carries their Covert QR in a 32" and 36" so you can get the best size for you. These bags are designed for the player who plays often and needs a durable bag that can take a beating.
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