CCM Hockey knows that protecting your gear and personal items are important, so they offer carry bags for your hockey gear and travel bags to take your clothes on-the-go.

CCM Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

CCM Hockey Gear Wheel Bags come at many separate price points so you can find the right bag within your budget. With wheeled hockey bags ranging from the tower construction, Deluxe Bags, and Basic Bags CCM has you covered.

CCM Hockey Gear Carry Bags

CCM Hockey Gear Carry Bags showcase the traditional, over the shoulder bag design with multiple options to choose from. The Player bags provide varying levels for beginners to pros with ample storage space and organization options. The Pro bags offer a couple bag options with a simple, yet effective construction with a tall design.

CCM Hockey Gear Backpacks

CCM Hockey Gear Backpacks save give your shoulders more of a rest and give you the option of carrying or wheeling your bag back and forth from rink to rink.

CCM Hockey Stick Bags

CCM Hockey Stick Bags provide excellent protection for your twigs and makes it easy to transport them from rink to rink.

CCM Travel Bags

CCM Travel Bags make it super easy to get your personal items from place to the next, whether you're on a road trip or just going to the rink for practice.

CCM Referee Bags

CCM Hockey offers both wheel and carry bags designed specifically for the referee. These bags feature dividers within the bag so you know exactly where all the essentials are, making it easy to access your put away your gear.
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