IW Hockey offers various CCM goalie catchers to fit the needs of any goaltender. Choose from various styles, wide range of colors and level of protection that's right for your particular playing style and preference. For more information on sizing and fit check out the IW Learning Center page.

CCM Hockey Goalie Catchers Senior & Intermediate

  • The CCM Extreme Flex II 760 Goalie Catcher provides solid protection and performance for use up to the intermediate level of play. While the 760 is CCM's most affordable glove in the E-Flex II lineup, it performs at a high level for the price by using quality materials and the great Extreme Flex series design.

    Colors: 5
  • The CCM 100 Series Street Goalie Catcher is an excellent piece of gear for the recreational street or ball hockey goaltender. The catcher features full hand and wrist protection combined lightweight construction, ensuring that the goaltender can stop the shots uninhibited by fear of injury or lack of speed.

    Colors: 1
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