CCM Hockey offers Roller Hockey Pants represented by the RBZ series. The flagship RBZ offers great mobility along with breathability for a cool feel. The RBZ 150 and RBZ 110 follow suit with a lightweight construction built around mobility.

CCM Roller Hockey Pants Senior

  • The CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Pants are the premier model in the RBZ lineup, offering exceptional comfort and performance from top to bottom. These pants are constructed from vented nylon for durability and have Lycra 16-way stretch mesh panels in key areas for full mobility. 


    Colors: 1
  • The CCM RBZ 150 Roller Hockey Pants offer high-end features without the big price tag that normally comes with that. The pants are constructed from vented nylon and Lycra 16-way stretch fabric that provides good durability and allows for full stride extensions. 

    Colors: 3
  • The CCM RBZ 110 Roller Hockey Pants are the entry level model in the RBZ series. These pants feature a lightweight nylon construction with vent mesh on the back of the legs for the breathability all roller hockey players like. The knees are bolstered with durable nylon knee panels to preserve the life of the pant. Adjustable nylon belt fasteners on each hip provide a custom fit.

    Colors: 2
  • The CCM Roller Hockey Pants feature a lightweight design great for indoor or outdoor play. Made of durable nylon and ventilated mesh, these pants offer good breathability and durability. The dual velcro enclosure system includes an elastic waistband along each hip to make it easy to put on and take off your pants while giving you some good comfort.


    Colors: 1
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