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CCM Women's Hockey Gear

  • The CCM WS1 Women's Hockey Shoulder Pads offer great protection with a fit tailored specifically to women. The low profile shoulder caps offer maximum protection while maintaining mobility. Reinforced clavicle and sternum guards keep fragile areas from harm in the WS1's. For such a sensitive area, the spine is protected PE inserts divided into segments as to offer maximum range of motion.

  • The CCM U+ W09 Women's hockey shoulder pads offer an intermediate to advanced level of protection designed specifically for a women.  The U+ W09 shoulder pads have a molded body and are segmented specifically for a women's shape, providing maximum comfort and a proper fit.

  • The CCM WS1 Women's Ice Hockey Pants are uniquely designed to fit a woman. A longer inseam and smaller leg openings are just some of the features of this pant that caters to women. For a more comfortable fit, without compromising protection, the kidney protectors are placed slightly lower on the pads. The WS1's contour for a woman's physique. 

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  • The CCM Loose Hockey Jill Short is constructed of ventilated mesh for great air flow. The ventilated mesh is integrated with moisture wicking and anti-odor features. The interior utilizes a pelvic protector with thigh straps that keeps it from moving during play. The large elastic waistband ensures a comfortable and comprehensive hold. Velcro sock tabs keep your ice socks from falling. Machine washable. Pelvic protector included.

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