This 4th generation of CCM RBZ Hockey Sticks debut exciting new PowerHosel Technology that was developed with the help of TaylorMade Golf. Featured on both the CCM RBZ SpeedBurner and the CCM RBZ 280 sticks, PowerHosel Technology supplies more shot power, accuracy and durability because of the new rib reinforcement that runs through the hosel and into the blade. The SpeedBurner and 280 sticks both come with CCM's SpeedPocket Blade Construction, which offers more C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) than any other blade around!

CCM RBZ Hockey Sticks
Variable Kick for Variable Shot

  • CCM RBZ Speedburner Grip Hockey Sticks Yth Left
    • Stick Length: 48"
    • Available Flexes: 35
    • Weight: 471 grams (based on an 85 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite


    The CCM RBZ SpeedBurner Grip Hockey Stick is the top of the line model in the 4th generation RBZ Line and debuts exciting new PowerHosel Technology. With help from TaylorMade Golf, CCM reinforced the hosel with a support rib to enhance explosiveness, durability and accuracy. PowerHosel was designed specifically for the SpeedPocket Blade, which is unique and exclusive to CCM.

  • CCM RBZ 260 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr
    • Stick Length: 52.5"
    • Available Flexes: 40 & 50
    • Weight: 488 grams (based on an 85 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Performance


    The CCM RBZ 260 Grip Hockey Sticks are the first model in the 4th generation RBZ Line to feature the hollow and foamless SpeedBlade 2 blade core that first debuted in the top of the line Stage 2 stick. With the help of TaylorMade Golf, the SpeedBlade 2 and its Freak Channels deliver unparalleled pop and explosiveness because it does such a great job of transferring energy from the blade and through the puck.

  • CCM RBZ 240 Grip Hockey Sticks Jr
    • Stick Length: 50.5"
    • Available Flexes: 40 & 50
    • Weight: 558 grams (based on an 85 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational


    The CCM RBZ 240 Grip Hockey Stick is the entry level model in the 4th generation RBZ Lineup. The CCM RBZ 240 utilizes a constant flex profile, giving players a variable kick point. 

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