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Custom Goalie Gear

  • The Bauer Supreme 1S Pro Custom Goalie Blocker is the lightest blocker Bauer has ever produced. With the addition of the CURV® composite technology and the PORON XRD® foam, this blocker doesn't sacrifice protection for weight savings.

  • The CCM Premier Pro Custom Goalie Leg Pads utilize a new internal foam core that is engineered to improve the center of mass, ensuring that mobility and balance are optimized. The new pad strapping system improves leg rotation and increases drop speed when going into the butterfly, resulting in the the fastest, lightest, and most efficient leg pad the Premier series has ever seen.

  • The CCM Premier Pro Custom Goalie Catcher uses the innovative new D3O® technology and phenomenal Premier series design to produce a catcher with perfect closure and professional level protection.

  • The CCM Premier Pro Custom Goalie Blocker has included the highly advanced D3O® smart foam technology in the palm and index finger to compliment the already great design of the Premier series. This innovative new shock absorption foam is a game changer, and along with the other high quality materials included, produces a light weight professional blocker.

  • The Warrior Ritual G3 Pro Custom Goalie Blocker is the lightest and most durable blocker Warrior has ever produced. With a great construction and the extremely popular removable palm feature, this is truly a professional level blocker in every way.

  • The CCM Extreme Flex II Pro Custom Goalie Leg Pads have received some nice upgrades from the previous Pro model. As with any Lefevre product, the new additions are extremely well thought out and have been tested thoroughly before being included in the final design. One such addition is the new torsional flex in the boot. The torsional flex makes the boot softer and allows it to twist when loading up, resulting in a dramatic increase in power when pushing off.

  • The CCM Extreme Flex II Pro Custom Goalie Catcher utilizes the extremely advanced D3O® technology as well as various other high quality materials to produce a catcher that has professional level performance and protection. The D3O® material is used in the palm, and is designed to improve shock absorption and reduce rebounds with better efficiency than ever before.

  • The CCM Extreme Flex II Pro Custom Goalie Blocker utilizes the extremely innovative D3O® smart foam technology as well as other professional quality materials to produce a light weight blocker that performs at the highest level. The Extreme Flex II blocker is used by Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, who, along with the legendary Lefevre family, was vital to its construction.

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