Easton Hockey Elbow Pads provide a great fit for any age. Senior elbow pads are for players 5'4" to 6'+ and Junior and Youth range from 4' to 5'6". If you need more help with sizing elbow pads, take a look our Learning Center video here here for a more in depth explanation.

Easton Synergy Hockey Elbow Pads
Tapered Fit

  • The Easton Synergy GX Elbow Pads utilize the best of Easton's protective technology for maximum protection and mobility. The elbow cap features 3 different levels of protection. Besides the Tru-Air ventilated PE elbow cap, the GX elbow uses the lightweight E-Cell HD foam to add another level of impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Additionally, Easton placed Helyx 10™ inside the elbow donut.

  • The Easton Synergy 850 Elbow Pads provide a high level of protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort. The breathable elbow cap features Tru-Air vents built into its molded PE construction to add ventilation to the sturdy design. On the outer side of cap, the Synergy 850 uses E-Cell HD foam lattice for even greater protection without adding a lot of weight.

  • The Easton Synergy 650 Elbow Pads utilize a 3-piece design for a comfortable and mobile fit. Its molded PE (plastic) elbow cap has a sturdy and protective construction with built-in vents to allow air flow to cool the interior. Above the elbow cap, the Synergy 650's bicep guard attaches by a hinged design for flexibility and effortless arm movement.

Easton Pro Hockey Elbow Pads
Traditional Fit

  • The Easton Pro 10 Hockey Elbow Pads are pro-inspired elbow pads that feature maximum protection and performance. The Pro 10 elbows utilize a 3-piece design with detached forearm and bicep guards to allow for a free range of motion. 

  • The Easton Pro 7 Soft Elbow Pads feature a softer construction to maximize flexibility and reduce weight. Right on the elbow joint, the Pro 7 utilizes a PE insert surrounded by mid-density foams to protect the sensitive elbow joint (i.e funnybone). It also features additional protection in the forearm with an anatomically molded PE cap for slash protection. 

Easton Stealth Hockey Elbow Pads
Contoured Fit

Easton Stealth Hockey Elbow Pads
Contoured Fit

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