Easton Hockey features three families of gloves with contrasting fit profiles; Traditional, Tapered and Contoured, all geared for different players with different preferences. Check out the chart below to see a closer look!

Easton Synergy Hockey Gloves Sr
Contoured Fit

Easton Synergy Hockey Gloves are designed for excellent response and stick feel. The Synergy gloves are contoured-fitting, meaning that they are snug throughout the entire glove.

Easton Pro Hockey Gloves Sr
Traditional Fit

The Easton Pro Hockey Gloves are Easton's traditional-fitting glove with the 4-roll design. This line features a relaxed fit all throughout the glove for comfort and protection.

Easton Stealth Hockey Gloves Sr
Tapered Fit

Easton Stealth Hockey Gloves are the tapered fitting gloves from Easton. This means that they fit snug in the fingers and backhand, but open up into a relaxed fit in the cuff for full wrist movement.
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