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Easton Hockey features two different fits in their hockey gloves. The Mako (the Mako, the M5, the M3 and the M1) features a Contoured Fit, meaning there is comfortable snugness in the fingers, backhand and cuff making for a responsive feel. The Synergy (the HSX, the Synergy 80 and Synergy 40) utilizes a contoured fit as well. The Pro uses the classic and Traditional Fit from top to bottom, thus giving it spacious room in the fingers, backhand and cuff.

Easton Hockey Gloves Senior

  • The Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves are the flagship model in the Synergy series. Built for responsiveness, these gloves are fit close to the hand to reduce negative space. The Hyperskin™ fit on the palm is designed to fit close to the hand for awesome feel and connection to the stick. High quality materials are utilized to provide a highly protective glove that is mobile and breathable.

    Colors: 6
  • The Easton Synergy 80 Hockey Gloves offer a contoured fit that decreases negative space throughout for a more responsive glove. These gloves feature dual density foams backed by plastic inserts for advanced protection and a Pro Nylon exterior that stretches and breathes well.

    Colors: 4
  • The Easton Synergy 40 Hockey Gloves are the entry level model in the Synergy lineup. This glove features a pro spec nylon which provides great durability and breathability.

    Colors: 3
  • The Easton Mako Hockey Gloves are the premier hockey gloves in the Mako line. The Mako hockey gloves offer an advance level of protection that headline an inventive key feature, the FAST FINGER™ protection system; natural movement equals quick hands. This unique feature aims to provide players with instinctive body movement.

    Colors: 8
  • The Easton Mako M5 Hockey Gloves are the only other gloves in the Mako line that highlights the FAST FINGER™ protection system; natural movement equals quick hands. Ideal for intermediate to advance level of play the Mako M5 glove is a lightweight mobile glove that will perform at a high standard due to the technology implemented within its structure.

    Colors: 8
  • The Easton Mako M3 Hockey Gloves is an exceptional price point model in the Mako line. The Mako M3 glove is ideal for the recreational to intermediate level player that seeks an excellent value between protection and mobility.

    Colors: 5
  • The Easton Mako M1 Hockey Gloves are ideal for the entry to intermediate level player that wants a comfortable glove that they can progress in. The Mako M1 glove truly gives beginner type player’s excellent comfort and feel of the stick.

    Colors: 2
  • The Easton Pro Hockey Gloves are based off a traditional 4-Roll design and are ideal for advanced to pro level play. A stand out feature is the new angled cuff roll design, which significantly increases wrist mobility while maintaining a high level of protection.

    Colors: 6
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