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Easton CXN Holders & Runners

    • Runner Compatibility: CXN
    • Skate Size Range: 6.0 - 12.0


    The Easton CXN Holders are the replacement holders for the Easton Mako and Mako II Skates. They feature a simple yet effective design that enables the steel to be swapped out quickly, plus it's constructed of a high-quality and durable Zytel material. Easton designed them with an aggressive forward pitch that provides a tight turning radius.

    • Holder Compatibility: CXN
    • Runner Radius: 9 ft. 
    • Skate Size Range: 6.0 - 12.0


    The Easton CXN Steel Runners are the replacements for the innovative Easton Mako Hockey Skate. This set of steel features high-quality steel that enable players to maximize their stride without having to worry about it's durability or longevity. These were specifically designed to be used with the new CXN holders found only on the Mako and have a very similar height to the Tuuk LightSpeed 3 Runners. Easton engineered the CXN Holder and Runner to sit taller in the front and rear post to allow players an aggressive 9' turning radius as well extend the sharpening life of the runner.

  • The Easton CXN Holder Hardware are the replacement posts and nuts for the Easton CXN Holders. Easton used a simple design to allow players to swap out steel and hardware quickly.

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