Girl's Performance Figure Skates

Performance figure skates typically feature full leather uppers and outsoles, as well as added boot stiffeners to provide more support for more advanced maneuvers. They are lined with high-quality microfiber for durability and packed with memory foams to provide a close-performance fit. Recommended for single jumps and testing up to ISI's Freestyle level 4.
  • The Jackson Competitor XP Figure Skate is perfect for the skater who is working towards single and axel jumps. The Competitor skate is able to handle these more technical moves thanks to the high-quality, Aspire XP blade and its aggressive cross-cut pick. This mounts to the LCL (layered corked leather) outsole that is lighter and more shock absorbant than traditional outsoles. Since it is attached via screws, the blades can be adjusted to tailor fit a skater's preferences. 

  • The Jackson Freestyle Figure Skate is a great buy for the skater who is beginning to execute more advanced spins and jumps. Jackson included their upgraded Aspire blades that have a more aggressive toe pick, which is required for the more advanced moves. The Aspire blades attach to a LCL (layered corked leather) outsole that has already been pre-treated and hardened. 

  • The Jackson Elle Figure Skates boast the premium LCL (layered cork leather) outsole for the first time in the Jackson line. The LCL sole is 17% lighter than traditional models and it provides even better responsiveness too. Connected to it is the Ultima Mirage blade with its straight cut pick with an all-purpose profile. The anti-bacterial leather liner rolls over the collar of the boot for premium comfort and cleanliness. Underneath the liner are the asymmetrical and anatomical foams that provide excellent fit and feel right out of the box.  

Girl's Entry Figure Skates

Entry-level figure skates are designed for those who have learned the basic skills of figure skating and now require a stiffer boot and a better blade for more advanced moves. These skates typically feature a PVC outsole, a moderate amount of boot stiffness and an intermediate-level blade. Recommended for very basic jumps and up to ISI's Gamma class.
  • The Jackson Classique Figure Skate is the first model offering from Jackson that uses their intermediate freestyle blade, the Mirage. The Mirage utilizes a full chrome finish, a straight cut pick and an all-purpose profile. The Classique's leather boot is stiffer than the lower end models, providing better support and stability for more advanced maneuvers. Internally, high-grade leather lines the anatomically shape memory foams that provide excellent fit and feel right out of the box. The one-piece tongue is also injected with comfort foams and lined with breathable microfiber. 

  • The Jackson Artiste Figure Skates are a step up from the Mystique; offering a higher-quality Mark IV blade, a durable microfiber liner and anatomically shaped internal ankle padding. Jackson coated the full leather boot with polyurethane for better durability and longevity. The vinyl and mesh comfort tongue features foam reinforcement that runs top to bottom, providing a soft and comfortable feel throughout. To enable the learning skater to perform more advanced moves, Jackson softened the topline and included a flex notch just below the lace hoops. 

Girl's Beginner Figure Skates

Beginner-level figure skates are perfect for the young girl who may be interested in taking figure skating lessons one day. These starter skates commonly come with a traditionally-built figure skating boot with beginner-level blades. The toe picks on the blades are less aggressive than more advanced blades, making it easier for the skater properly learn how use them. Recommended for up to ISI's Tot 2 class.
  • The Jackson Mystique Figure Skates are a mid-level package that is a great option for those working their way up to Freestyle. The vinyl coated boot offers more stiffness than a recreational figure skate, allowing you to execute more advanced moves. The felt backed tongue consists of vinyl and mesh, with thorough foam reinforcement for premium comfort. The heel pocket features anatomically formed ankle foams that deliver a high-quality fit that progressing skaters want and need. The all-purpose chrome blade features a premium finish and mounts to the PVC outsole with screws so that it may be adjusted and properly maintained. 

  • The Jackson Excel Figure Skate is great for the beginner who wants the looks and the feel of a professional skate. Jackson provided the Excel with their Mark II high-polished blade with a stylish brown PVC outsole. The synthetic liner and the high-quality internal foam provide comfort and warmth which makes the learning process as seamless as can be. The foam also lines the underside of the tongue from top to bottom, further enhancing the comfortable feel.

Girl's Recreational Figure Skates

Recreational-level figure skates are perfect for the casual skater who's ready to upgrade from rental skates. While these are available in a wide variety of builds, they typically all feature a PVC outsole and a traditional figure skating blade, complete with a toe pick. The skates with a fleece liner are the optimal choice for the outdoor skater because they keep the skaters feet extra toasty! Recommended for recreational skating only.
  • The Jackson Softec Classic Figure Skate is an excellent starter skate that offers significant value for the price. Jackson built the boot to provide those who are new to skating, proper support and stability. The stylish, two-tone outsole features a high-quality, nickel plated blade that includes a toe pick. For unbeatable warmth and comfort, the insides of the Jackson Softec Classic skate is lined with long-lasting fleece that is pleasantly soft to the touch. 

  • The Jackson Softec Vibe Girl's Adjustable Figure Skates are a great choice for any youngster who is ready for their first pair of figure skates. The soft boot design makes it very comfortable and warm while the external skeletal structure provides support and stability. The unique two piece boot can easily be lengthened to accommodate growing feet. Simply pull down on the adjustment lever and pull on the toe cap.

  • The Jackson Glacier 351 Figure Skate is a beginner's skate that comes with professionally-inspired upgrades. The nickel blade has a high-polished finish that looks great and gives the skater extra glide with such a smooth finish. The one-piece, synthetic liner offers better durability and even more comfort since the internal foams wrap the top lip of the boot, alleviating high-ankle abrasions. 

  • The Jackson Glacier 121/124 Figure Skate is an excellent starter skate that provides enhanced support and stability that beginners need. The synthetic boot features full foam padding with a seudine liner keeps a skaters feet comfortable and warm  for hours. The traditionally-styled PVC outsole features an all purpose, nickel blade with an integrated toe pick. 

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