IW Hockey has all of your Goalie Gear Bag needs. The Warehouse carries a variety of goalie bags like classic carry bags, wheel bags, goalie helmet bags and goalie stick bags in your favorite brands such as CCM, Bauer, Grit, Warrior, Sherwood, and Vaughn.

Bauer Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

CCM Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

  • The CCM Goalie Mask Bag helps protect your investment by keeping your helmet safe when in storage. CCM's mask bag is constructed from a durable nylon exterior and soft padded interior.

Sherwood Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

Tour Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

  • The Vaughn Big Monster Goalie Carry Bag 43" is the strongest goalie carry bag on the market, and with its massive size it's capable of holding a huge amount of gear.

    Colors: 1
  • The Vaughn backpack lets you show off your love for hockey while carrying your laptop and other accessories. There are 3 compartments in total. One large middle pocket, one smaller front pocket that can carry any small accessories, and a back pocket that is perfect for carrying your laptop or tablet.

    Colors: 1

Warrior Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

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