If you want to be the best, you have to practice like it, so IW Hockey carries a wide variety of Hockey Goals and Nets for all skill levels so that you can get that extra practice off the rink.

Regulation Steel Goals - 6' x 4'

Regulation Steel Hockey Goals are designed to match the NHL 6' x 4' or 72" x 48" opening standard. While the goals featured here do not vary in size, the thickness of the steel posts do. Goals with 2" thick posts are the strongest and can withstand impacts from ice and inline hockey pucks. Goals with 1.75" and 1.5" thick posts are recommended for inline hockey players of all ages but only for ice hockey players 12 years old or younger.

Recreational Steel Goals - Varying Sizes

Recreational Steel Hockey Goals are built with goal posts varying between 1" - 1.5" in thickness and are smaller than the 6' x 4' regulation-sized goals. With less than 2" thick goal posts, we recommend these hockey nets for any roller hockey player or any young ice hockey player. If you are looking for regulation mini-mite or cross-ice hockey goals; 36" x 24" is what you'll need!

Recreational PVC Plastic Goals - Varying Sizes

Recreational PVC or Plastic Hockey Goals are ideal for ball hockey, dek hockey or for anyone only shooting floor hockey pucks. These vary in size, ranging from a regulation 72" x 48" option to a youth 40" x 36" option.

Replacement Nets

Replacement Hockey Nets come in many different sizes from different manufacturers, which is why it is important to make sure you get the right replacement netting the first time. Each product page lists a compability guideline that will tell you which model of hockey goals are compatible with each specific replacement net.
  • The Bauer Performance Hockey Goal Replacement Net is a great option to replace a sniped up and torn hockey net. It uses a durable polyester weave to prolong its life and it fits the Bauer Performance Folding Steel Goal and most 54" x 44" hockey goals.

  • The Bauer Hockey Goal Replacement Net is the ideal replacement net for the Bauer Deluxe Rec Steel Goal and other goals using a sleeve net. The sleeve net slides on super easily for a quick change, making sure that you don't lose precious training time. 

  • The Bauer Hockey Goal Replacement Net is the perfect street hockey net replacement for the Bauer Junior Rec Steel goal. It also fits most 48" x 37" hockey goals that use a sleeve net system. Because of this sleeve net system, assembly and attachment is very simple when it is time to replace the netting. 

  • The CCM 54" Street Hockey Goal Replacement Net is designed to replace the net on the CCM Steel Street Hockey Goal (54" x 44") and can fit other 55" x 44" goals that use the welded loop attachment system.

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