Green Biscuit is a leading manufacturer in both stick handling and shooting training pucks. The most well know is their Training Puck which utilizes a patented two piece design that absorbs vibrations to keep the puck flat and glide better. You can stick handle with them on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt but still get the same feel as ice. They also offer the Pro Training Puck which has a rubber-grip texture around the outside to make it feel more similar to an ice puck as well as the Snipe Training Puck for developing your shooting skills.
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Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck

  • The Green Biscuit Pro Training Hockey Puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop better stick handling and passing skills. The Green Biscuit Pro puck is definitely an upgrade from its predecessor the Green Biscuit Training Puck, because the grip texture makes the puck feel more similar an ice puck.


  • The Green Biscuit Alien Training Hockey Puck is all you need to enhance your stick handling skills at day and night. Unlike the original Green Biscuit, the Alien is outfitted with LED lights on both puck faces that are motion activated. So every time you throw some sauce or toe drag, the puck will light up for 5 seconds in multiple different sequences so you know exactly where it is at any time of the day.


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