Sherwood Jr and Youth Hockey Elbow Pads are offered in theTrue Touch (and Rekker) Series that have a low-profile, sleek fit for maximum mobility and coverage. This is ideal for players who are shifty and need to be as agile as possible.
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Sherwood True Touch Hockey Elbow Pads
Traditional Fit

  • The Sherwood T90 Hockey Elbow Pads provide lightweight coverage for a solid level of protection. The elbow cap features a molded PE design topped with medium-density foams. These foams serve to dampen the energy from impacts as well as protect other players on the rink. 

  • The Sherwood T30 Soft Hockey Elbow Pads are your basic elbow pads with a simple construction. It utilizes soft foams throughout with a plastic insert right on the elbow to protect that sensitive area. Using two elastic straps, the T30 elbow pads will stay in place throughout the entire session. 

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