Bauer hockey gloves are available in 3 different fits; Traditional, Tapered and Contoured. Each will perform differently and help excel your play. Watch our Product Insight video above to learn which fit is right for your game. Also available are Bauer Prodigy hockey gloves developed for the youth player and the Bauer Street hockey gloves designed specifically for street hockey play.
Traditional Tapered Contoured

Bauer Vapor Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth
Tapered Fit

Bauer Vapor Hockey Gloves utilize a Tapered Fit, which provides a snug fit in the fingers that opens up into the backhand and cuff. This offers a middle ground between contoured and traditional fitting gloves so you get the best of both worlds with responsiveness and wrist movement.

Bauer Supreme Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth
Contoured Fit

Bauer Supreme Hockey Gloves showcase a Contoured Fit that provides unreal responsiveness. Because of the close, snug fit in the fingers, backhand and cuff roll, you'll always have a great grasp on your stick along with full coverage.

Bauer Nexus Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth
Traditional Fit

Bauer Nexus 4-Roll Hockey Gloves boast a Traditional Fit, which provides great volume in the fingers, backhand and cuff roll for great wrist mobility. This is ideal for stick handling, especially in tight places like the corners or along the boards.

Bauer Prodigy Hockey Gloves Yth

Bauer Street Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth

The Bauer Street Hockey Gloves were designed for maximum performance on the street. Bauer focused on lightweight mobility that doesn't have any unnecessary weight for the quickest movements. The gloves also feature a breathable design that keeps hands cool even in the summer heat.
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