CCM Hockey Gloves are split into three different fit categories; Traditional, Tapered and Contoured. CCM offers these different fits to suit different players with diferent preferences and needs. Watch our Insight Video with CCM's Product Manager for even more information!
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CCM Tacks Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth
Tapered Fit

CCM Tacks Hockey Gloves utilize a Tapered Fit for a good blend of wrist mobility and responsiveness. They offer a snug fit in the fingers that opens up, in terms of volume, through the backhand and cuff areas. The CCM Tacks Glove Line replaces the C-Series and includes the Ultra Tacks, 6052, 4052, and 2052 gloves.
  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Gloves are the top of the line glove in the Tacks lineup. Using the D3O® smart foam found in the Tacks protective line, the Ultra Tacks gloves provide pro-level impact protection. The D3O® is an innovative material in the backhand that is soft and flexible to the touch and remains in that state to absorb low-energy impacts; immediately on hard-impacts, the foam stiffens and gives pro-level protection.

    Colors: 5
  • The CCM Tacks 6052 Hockey Gloves provide a high level of protection and stick feel in a comfortable design. CCM uses pro-selected nylon that prolongs the life of the glove without adding extra weight. Throughout the glove, pro-level PE foams topped with hard plastic inserts protect all aspects of the hand from the segmented cuff to the fingers.

    Colors: 5
  • The CCM Tacks 4052 Hockey Gloves offer solid mid-level protection in a lightweight glove. This glove is constructed of a pro-selected polyester which keeps the glove lightweight and durable. The 4052 gloves provide good stick feel with a soft Rima III Nash palm and additional reinforcements for durability.

    Colors: 6
  • The CCM Tacks 2052 Hockey Gloves are perfect for recreational players looking for a lightweight hockey glove. CCM utilizes PE foam in the backhand and fingers to provide lightweight protection; while in the cuff-roll, there is harder foams with a plastic insert to protect the wrist.

    Colors: 2
  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Youth Hockey Gloves are the ideal hockey gloves for youth hockey players because of their lightweight design. Utilizing only the necessary protection, the youth glove allows players to be mobile with the lightweight foam protection. The thumb is a molded plastic for solid protection from pucks, sticks, and hyperextension. Its comfortable interior keeps the young player dry and ready to go shift after shift. 

    Colors: 1

CCM KFS Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth
Contoured Fit

CCM KFS Hockey Gloves provide a snug fit at 4 different price points. The KFS gloves feature aContoured Fit, that have a natural, close to the hand fit allowing for excellent stick feel and responsiveness.
  • The CCM 28K KFS Hockey Gloves bring a high-level of performance and protection into a second tier glove. CCM uses high-density foams and PE (plastic) inserts to give the glove pro-level protection. The 2-piece flexible thumb provides great thumb movement while still giving strong protection against impacts and hyper-extension. 

    Colors: 1
  • The CCM 26K KFS Hockey Gloves provide solid protection with lightweight construction. In the fingers, backhand and cuff, CCM uses a medium density foam topped with a PE (plastic) insert for additional protection. This allows the glove to remain lightweight while increasing the level of protection.



    Colors: 1
  • The CCM 24K KFS Hockey Gloves are a great choice for beginners because of their lightweight features. CCM uses a light, single-density foam construction segmented throughout the glove, including the backhand, fingers, and cuff. 

    Colors: 1

CCM 4-Roll Hockey Gloves Jr & Yth
Traditional Fit

CCM 4-Roll Hockey Gloves feature a Traditional Fit, that consists of ample volume throughout the glove which aids in better wrist mobility for stick handling in tight places. CCM offers 2 models in the 4-Roll Pro III and 4-Roll III so you can get that same volume fit at 2 price points.
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