Bauer Hockey Goalie Pants Junior & Youth

  • The Bauer Prodigy Goalie Hockey Pant is specifically designed for youth goaltenders that are just starting out. Lightweight materials and various protective features help younger goalies stay safe while in the net as well as providing the right amount of performance.

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Pants Junior & Youth

  • The Vaughn Ventus LT60 Goalie Hockey Pant provides younger goaltenders with similar protective features seen on the adult models with the benefit of the proportionately scaled down size. These hockey goal pants are designed with a wide profile for additional comfort, net coverage and improves the overall flexibility for improved body movement.

    Colors: 1

Reebok Hockey Goalie Pants Junior & Youth

  • The Reebok 18K Goalie Hockey Pant Jr is a scaled down version of the senior 18K goal pants. These pants feature injection molded rib, hip and thigh panels for improved protection as well as maximized net coverage.

Warrior Hockey Goalie Pants Junior

  • The Warrior Ritual Goalie Hockey Pant features unique design elements for improved mobility and performance. The scaled down size and reduced weight allows younger goaltenders to maximize their game playing potential.

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