IW Hockey has all the Junior Roller Hockey Girdles you need whether it's compression girdles, or the traditional girdle. We carry a variety of brands like Alkali, Mission, Reebok, Shock Doctor, and Tour.

Alkali Roller Hockey Girdles Junior & Youth

Alkali Roller Hockey Girdles offer excellent mobility and protection with their unique construction. They sewed padding on top of the compression shorts so the padding wouldn't restrict your movement but still maintaining protection while you're moving.
  • The Alkali RPD Max Roller Hockey Girdles are the premier model in the RPD Girdle Line. The RPD Max features high quality compression molded foams in the tailbone, hips and lower thighs to provide excellent lightweight protection. All of these foam inserts are fully segmented for top notch mobility and are also fully perforated to provide much needed air flow during hot roller hockey games. The RPD Max fits very anatomically, making for a true compression fit due to the lightweight 16 way stretch lyrcra material that makes up a majority of the girdle. A fully removable cup with leg loops is also included, making sure the most important piece of protection stays in the place at all times.

CCM Roller Hockey Girdles Junior & Youth

Labeda Roller Hockey Girdle Junior

Labeda has been around forever in the roller hockey industry andLabeda roller hockey girdles are the perfect protective piece for roller hockey players. Using lightweight and breathable materials, players are sure to stay light and cool with protection catered specifically to roller hockey.
  • The Labeda Pama 7.1 Protective Hockey Jock features a compression-fit with 2ndSkin Fabric for excellent flexibility and comfort. This protective hockey jock is perfect as secondary protection for ice players or standalone protection for roller players

Mission Roller Hockey Girdles Junior & Youth

This year's Mission Hockey Girdles feature exciting new 37.5 technology in the Pro and Elite models, keeping players cooler and fresher than ever before. The Pro model features customizable protection with the option to remove the padded belt and the lower thigh guards.
  • The Mission Pro Compression Roller Hockey Girdle is the perfect girdle for roller hockey with padding that can be customized to the preference of the player. Mission utilizes perforated high-density foams for exterior protection and comfort foams where the foams wrap around the body. 

  • The Mission Elite Compression Roller Hockey Girdle is designed with roller hockey in mind with its ventilated and lightweight protection. It features 37.5™  technology that utilizes body heat, that's prevalent in roller hockey, to evaporate the moisture from sweat to make players even lighter on the rink.

  • The Mission Core Roller Hockey Girdle is a lightweight and well ventilated pad for the recreational level of play. The single-density foam padding is vented to provide maximum air flow and is also segmented so it wraps around the body for a comfortable fit. 

  • The Mission Core Roller Hockey Girdle is a lightweight and well ventilated pad for the recreational level of play. The single-density foam padding is vented to provide maximum air flow and is also segmented so it wraps around the body for a comfortable fit.

Shock Doctor Padded Hockey Shorts Junior

Shock Doctor offers Padded Shorts for extra protection underneath your gear. These compression shorts are outfitted with Shock Doctor's Shockskin padding that sits atop the shorts to increase mobility and keep consistent protection.
  • The Shock Doctor ShockSkin 5-Pad Impact Short (with Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Cup) is a high-end padded jock short that features a traditional, relaxed fit. Shock Doctor built this using a 4-way stretch nylon that promotes excellent airflow and mobility.

  • The Shock Doctor Ultra ShockSkin Compression Jock (with AirCore Cup) is an elite-level padded jock that provides premium protection, mobility and comfort. The flexible ShockSkin hip foam is extensively segmented so that it can move with a player while keeping protection in the right places. New to the Shock Doctor lineup is the AirCore cup and the integrated cup-lock system. 

  • The Shock Doctor Ultra ShockSkin™ Compression 5-Pad Short offers exceptional comfort, fit, and protection for any elite hockey player. The ShockSkin™ integrated dual-density foams on the thighs, hips and rear provides high-impact protection for all aspects of the game. The Bio-Shape Motion 360 design utilizes 4-way stretch fabrics in strategic areas for unparalleled mobility and a greater range of motion.

    Sizes Available: JR LG

Tour Roller Hockey Girdles Junior

Tour Roller Hockey Girdles are represented by the Code Activ. They boast a very lightweight feel that utilizes a ventilated mesh exterior paired with perforated padding to promote better air circulation. These pads are placed in the thighs, hips and tailbone for comprehensive protection.
  • The Tour Code Activ Roller Hockey Girdle is a good choice for any player looking for a lightweight girdle with solid protection. This roller hockey girdle features molded EVA foam throughout the thighs, hips, and waist for comprehensive coverage of the vital areas. The Tour Code Active girdle is very breathable because of the mesh outer layer and perforated foams. The nylon waist belt gives the player a custom fit with the adjustable buckle, ensuring the girdle won't fall down during play. A built-in cup holder is also included, making sure the cup stays in place. Cup included.

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