Hockey Jackets come in a handful of different styles and weights including full zip, 1/4 zip, hooded, lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. These hockey jackets come in mulltiple colors and feature plenty of area on the front and back for personalization, making them great team jackets. Click here for more information on a team purchase

Bauer Hockey Jackets Senior

Bauer Hockey Jackets come in four separate weights so you can pick the one that will suit your purposes best. The Soft Shell Team Jacket utilizes a closer, streamlined feel for comfort. The Lightweight Team Jacket is the most popular team jacket for embroidery and temperate climates which also comes in a Women's cut. The Midweight Team Jacket has a fleece interior to add to the warmth and comfort and the Heavyweight Parka Team Jacket is for very cold climates so the interior is insulated to keep in the warmth. This is the only jacket that comes with a removable hood.

CCM Hockey Jackets Senior

CCM Hockey offers two types of Hockey Jackets. The Team Soft Shell Jacket has a traditional, low profile look that feels like a track jacket. The Team Light Skate Suit Jacket has a lightweight, polyester construction that has matching pants available for a clean, streamlined look.

Easton Hockey Jackets Senior

Easton Hockey features their new Synergy lineup that utilizes a soft shell design paired with a high-quality polyester/spandex construction for unreal comfort and performance. They offer both Lightweight and Midweight so no matter what the temperature, you're always comfortable.
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