Hockey Glove Accessories

  • The GripSkinz Hockey Glove Palm Repair is designed to allow a player to add grip to the palm of their gloves.  GripSkinz can be added over top of existing grip material or simply add grip to a plain palm. It comes in a 9" x 7.5" rectangular patch that it is typically sufficient to cover a pair of palms if only used in the palm's grip zone. The GripSkinz palm is light grey synthetic digital grip material with an adhesive backing for easy application.

  • The PalmSkinz Hockey Glove Palm Repair works to extend the life of your palm without affecting its performance or feel. It's designed to repair worn down and hole-covered palms to make them as good as new. 

  • Clap Balm Hand Deodorant is a unique product specifically designed to target and eliminate the awful stench that hockey gloves leave behind. This deodorant is all-natural, easy to apply, and comes in a convenient metal tin to keep it free from debris in your bag and in the locker room. Parents, coaches, and players can rejoice because soft hands don't have to be smelly hands.

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