Want to get the edge on the offseason so you can dominate on the rink? IW Hockey has everything you need for Hockey Training & Coaching to make sure you're at your best and your team practices like the best. We offer hockey training gear such shooting trainers, hockey training pucks and balls, workout apparel, training shoes, and hockey coaching gear.

Hockey Training Gear

Inline and Ice Warehouse carries all of your Hockey Training needs to take your game or your team's game to the next level. IW has puck handling boards, shooter trainers, various training hockey pucks and hockey balls that will help you put in the hard work when and where you competition isn't.

Bauer Hockey Training Apparel
Senior & Junior

Hockey Coaching Gear

IW Hockey is the place for all of your Hockey Coaching Gear needs. We carry hockey dry erase boards, training stopwatches, whistles, cones and even scrimmage jerseys. IW also has hockey coaching bags for you to store and transport all of your gear in too.

Hockey Training and Coaching Books & DVDs

Not all battles in the game of hockey are won on the rink; some are won in the weeks, months and years prior to the game. Hockey Training Books are great for coaches and players alike who want to elevate their game and gain the edge on the competition.
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