Hockey is a great sport but can be physically rough at times and that's why IW carries a good selection of Hockey Padded Shirts and Vests for extra protection. Padded Shirts are available in two size categories; Junior and Senior. Junior Padded Shirts are generally recommended for players who are between 4'3" - 5'6" while Senior Padded Shirts are generally recommend for players who are between 5'3" - 6'+.

Senior Padded Shirts

  • The Bauer 37.5 Elite Padded NECKPROTECT Performance L/S Shirt showcases the highest performing shirt on the market in terms of protection and comfort because of key features like 37.5™ moisture wicking technology, DuPont™ Kevlar® cut resistant protection and FleXorb™ impact protection.

  • The Bauer 37.5 Elite Padded Performance L/S Shirt is a highly protective base layer shirt that utilizes FleXorb™ and 37.5™ technologies to provide great protection and breathability. FleXorb™ uses Poron XRD™ foam which reduces impact energies up to 90% and is segmented for mobility. Cocona 37.5™ polyester uses your body heat to evaporate moisture from the fabric, resulting in drying times up to 5 times faster than other similar fabrics.


  • The Mission Pro Compression Padded Shirt is designed with protective customization in mind. Both the high-density shoulder pad and molded plastic bicep guard are adjustable by velcro nylon straps and fully removable if desired. 

  • The Mission Elite Relaxed Padded Shirt provides just the right amount of protection for roller hockey. It utilizes perforated foams strategically placed to keep players mobile. The foams in the sternum, back, and sides/kidneys are slightly thicker to maximize protection without sacrificing mobility.

Junior Padded Shirts

  • The CCM RBZ Padded Shirt is the premier model offered by CCM, featuring multiple high end features like CCM's U-Foam protection. U-Foam consists of the same properties of high density foams, but at a fraction of the weight so you can move faster and stay protected.

  • The CCM RBZ 150 Padded Shirt offers solid lightweight protection at an even better price. This shirt utilizes CCM's U-Foam on the sternum guard for excellent lightweight protection.

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