Hockey is a great sport but can be physically rough at times and that's why IW carries a good selection of Hockey Padded Shirts and Vests for extra protection. Padded Shirts are available in two size categories; Junior and Senior. Junior Padded Shirts are generally recommended for players who are between 4'3-5'6 while Senior Padded Shirts are generally recommend for players who are between 5'3-6'+.

Senior Padded Shirts

  • The Mission Pro Compression Padded Shirt is the most unique and protective padded shirt on the market due to the removable and adjustable bicep guards and shoulder caps. This Pro Compression shirt gives players four different set up options to choose from; the most protective option uses the shoulder caps and bicep guards, the most lightweight option uses neither the shoulder caps or the bicep guards, the third option using just the shoulder caps and finally the fourth option uses the bicep guards only.

  • The Mission Elite Relaxed Compression Padded Shirt is a great addition to your game if you are looking for a lightweight, breathable and protective shirt. This Elite model uses light density perforated hex foams throughout it's construction to provide additional protection for key areas of the body. Mission's premier Thermo Max+ Liner helps to wick away moisture during the game and helps to promote good airflow.

  • The Reebok 9k Padded Shirt offers great lightweight protection because this shirt features high density foam in the sternum plate. Additional padding on the sleeves aids protection for the biceps and floating rib protection.

  • The Reebok 7K padded shirt features Reebok's advanced Play-Dry® material for superior moisture wicking. The sternum plate contains high-density foams to prevent injuries to the chest. Additionally, the vented PE foam padding in the shoulder, sleeves, and rib area provide sound protection against game time impacts.

  • The Reebok KFS Hybrid Core Padded Short Sleeve Shirts are engineered with Reebok's KFS Shield system providing ultimate mobility and coverage!

  • The Tour Code Activ Padded Shirt is the newest padded shirt in the Tour lineup. The Code Activ offers padding throughout the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and ribs for solid protection. These pads are made from Tour's Ultra-Lite padding to make the shirt lightweight and the Tri-Flex stretch material allows ample mobility. 

  • The Under Armour GameDay Hockey Grip Long Sleeve Shirt is compression fitting with strategically placed high-density foam protection. Under Armour took their standard, long sleeved compression shirt with HeatGear Technology and welded high-density foam pads in several key areas that are generally under-protected by even the best shoulder pads. They also used grip print graphics on the elbow and forearm areas to help fully secure a players hockey elbow pad. The shirt itself is constructed of a polyester and elastane blend that is excellent at wicking away moisture and offering a mobile, comfortable fit. 

  • The Alkali CA9 padded vest is great for the player that wants upper body protection without sacrificing weight and mobility. The CA9 vest features compression molded foam construction for a one-piece design and a moisture wicking lining to keep you cool and comfortable. The stretch fit velcro closure system keeps the vest in place while playing hard. 

Junior Padded Shirts

IW Hockey has a good selection of Padded Shirts that come in a variety of protection levels and fits. Depending on what the shirt is needed for, IW has the right one for you. We also carry compression fitting shirts for a responsive, close-to-the-skin feel as well as relaxed fitting shirts for a more comfortable and traditional feel.
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