Inline and Ice Warehouse carry the best selection of Composite Hockey Sticks. There are three different styles of hockey sticks that are designated by their flex profiles; Mid-Kick Hockey Sticks, Low-Kick Hockey Sticks and Variable-Kick Hockey Sticks. Mid-Kick Hockey Sticks offer the most traditional feel and kick point, ideal for players who like to lean into their shots for supreme power. Low-Kick Hockey Sticks are newer to the hockey market and offer a lightning quick shot release for players who like getting off shots fast, especially for wrist and snap shots. Variable-Kick Hockey Sticks are the most recent addition to the flex profile arsenal, offering a changing kick point that depends on what type of shot the player is taking.
Traditional Contoured Tapered Traditional Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured
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