CCM Hockey Gloves are split into three different fit categories; Traditional, Tapered and Contoured. CCM offers these different fits to suit different players with diferent preferences and needs. Watch our Insight Video with CCM's Product Manager for even more information!

CCM Quicklite QLT Hockey Gloves Sr
Tapered Fit

CCM Quicklite QLT Hockey Gloves utilize a Tapered Fit for a good blend of wrist mobility and responsiveness. They offer a tapered fit in the fingers, with a snug fit in the backhand, while opening up in the cuff with the new flexible cuff construction.

CCM Tacks Hockey Gloves Sr
Contoured Fit

The CCM Tacks Hockey Gloves provide a contouring glove fit but with a flexible cuff that allows for excellent wrist mobility.

CCM 4-Roll Hockey Gloves Sr
Traditional Fit

CCM 4-Roll Hockey Gloves feature a Traditional Fit, that consists of ample volume throughout the glove which aids in better wrist mobility for stick handling in tight places.
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