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CCM Hockey offers two different families of hockey gloves with two distinctly different fit profiles. The CCM 4 Roll Pro III, the 4 Roll Prime and the 4 Roll III Hockey Gloves all feature a Traditional Fit which offers a generous amount of volume in the fingers, backhand and cuff roll. The CL 500, the CS 400, the C300 and the C200 Hockey Gloves have a Tapered Fit profile; meaning they offer a snug fit to the hand in the fingers and backhand but opens up to a generous fit in the cuff roll for maximum mobility. For even more information on both the 4 Roll and Crazy Light CCM Glove Lines, check out the Insight Video above!

CCM Hockey Gloves Senior

  • The CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves are the premier hockey gloves in CCM's lineup, perfect for advanced to pro level play. The CL 500 glove is extremely protective because the fingers and backhand contain UFOAM, providing notably lightweight NHL level protection.

    Colors: 5
  • The CCM CS 400 Hockey Gloves are optimal for intermediate to advanced level play because the protection, mobility, and durability are precisely engineered within its structure The protection region has been accurately segmented to increase mobility when stick handling; therefore, players are able to achieve maximum movement.

    Colors: 8
  • The CCM C300 Hockey Gloves are ideal for an intermediate level player who seeks a lightweight glove that offers high-end features. Also, these gloves present the Rima III black Nash palm with Rima III print overlay, which advances stick responsiveness and durability.

    Colors: 8
  • The CCM C300 Pink Hockey Gloves offer a vibrant hot pink accent and are just what you need to support breast cancer awareness all throughout the year. The exterior features nylon materials with polyurethane trim, which is durable and adds some nice pop!

  •  The CCM C200 Hockey Gloves are a comfortable and protective glove ideal for entry to intermediate level play. They provide a solid level of protection in the fingers, backhand and cuff due to the double-density ethafoams.

    Colors: 3
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