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Ice Warehouse has a solid selection of Ice Pant and Girdle Shells to choose from. Ice Hockey Shells are an inexpensive solution to change team colors without buying a whole new hockey pant. Most shells can fit on any brand of hockey pants with the exception of the Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG and ONE.8 Pant Shells. These are designed to specifically to work with their corresponding TotalONE NXG and ONE.8 Ice Hockey Pants.

Ice Pant & Girdle Shells Senior

  • The Bauer Nexus Ice Hockey Pant Shell is comprised of high quality denier nylon, which is able to endure any type of abrasion. This pant shell is structured with strategic lightweight materials, which have enhanced its physical construction.

  • The  Supreme TotalOne NXG Ice Hockey Pant Shell is specifically engineered for the Supreme TotalOne NXG Ice Pant girdle. The materials consists of 800 denier nylon making it extremely durable when withstanding high wear and tear. 

  • The Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Ice Hockey Pant Shell is constructed specifically to fit over the Supreme ONE.8 ice pant girdle. The materials used are Bauer's premium 400-denier nylon, which has made this shell extremely durable and light.

  • The Bauer Goalie Hockey Pant Shell is designed to fit over Bauer goalie pants. It features a speed lacing buckle waist closure, and is made with a 420 denier nylon shell. The hip area of the pant shell has been reinforced with 800 denier to help extend the life of the shell.

    Colors: 3
  • The CCM Supra Ice Pant Shell is designed to go over the CCM ice pants. They are constructed out of durable nylon to increase the life of your pants. The Supra Shell is attached to the pant with a drawstring lace closure system to ensure proper fit. The shell has elastic stretch zones in the crotch and inseam to promote greater range of mobility.

    Colors: 2
  • The Easton ST10 Girdle Shell is a traditional shell that offers good looks and durability. The stretch gussets connecting the nylon allows for a good stretch to help keep you as mobile as possible. This ST10 girdle shell is made to fit over any hockey girdle.

    Colors: 1
  • The Warrior Syko Ice Hockey Pant Shell is constructed of a durable 210 denier nylon and strategic stretch mesh panels to give players a mobile shell that will last. While it's made to fit over either a traditional ice pant or ice girdle, the Syko shell gives players the cost-effective option of buying a shell over a complete pant.

    Colors: 3
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