Easton Hockey Shin Guards feature three different unique lineups. The Stealth line uses an extremely lightweight design with a low-profile and natural fit. The Synergy line that provides players with a lightweight pad with an emphasis on breathability and comfort. The Pro shin guard focuses on pro-inspired protection.

Easton Synergy Hockey Shin Guards
Contoured Fit

  • The Easton Synergy GX Hockey Shin Guards feature Easton's flagship technologies to maximize protection and mobility. The biggest materials change you'll notice right away is the transparent shin shell. Instead of the traditional molded plastic, the GX shin features Rhynox™, an injection molded polycarbonate based resin whose extremely strong construction is perfect for high-impact resistance (i.e. shot blocking).

  • The Easton Synergy 850 Hockey Shin Guards provide great protection paired with lightweight breathability for excellent value at this price point. The Synergy line features a fully anatomical fit whose curved design is built match up with the asymmetrical shape of each leg. This can be seen in the offset design of the molded plastic shell. 

  • The Easton Synergy 650 Hockey Shin Guards provide solid protection with a focus on lightweight mobility. The curvature of the ribbed PE (plastic) shell is designed to properly fit and protect the asymmetrical shape of each leg. At the base of shell, Easton placed a Forward Flex Cap to allow the piece to flex and move when the foot extends while skating.

  • The Easton Synergy 450 Hockey Shin Guards feature a true anatomical construction that accurately matches up with the asymmetric shape of each leg for comfort and protection. This asymmetric design is easily seen in the curvature of the molded PE (plastic) vented shin guard and knee cap. 


Easton Pro Hockey Shin Guards
Traditional Fit

  • The Easton Pro 10 Hockey Shin Guards use a pro-preferred construction that's designed to maximize protection. The hard pro cap and HDPE molded shin both give the ultimate protection from impacts. Beneath that, Easton uses their Sling-Tec™ technology to suspend the shin and knee away from the point of impact. 

  • The Easton Pro 7 Hockey Shin Guards are perfect entry level shin guards with a lightweight design and traditional construction. Featuring sturdy PE shin and knee caps, the Pro 7 offers the perfect amount of protection for the recreational level of play. It also has supplementary foam protection around the knee and in the calf area as well.

Easton Stealth Hockey Shin Guards
Tapered Fit

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