Easton Hockey Shoulder Pads are composed of three different styles to suit any player's needs. The Stealth line is designed for a lightweight, low-profile and natural fit. The Synergy lineup hugs the player for a close fit to give top notch protection and a comfort. Finally, the Pro series has a traditional fit that has great impact dispersion properties.

Easton Synergy Hockey Shoulder Pads
Tapered Fit

  • The Easton Synergy GX Hockey Shoulder Pads are the paramount of the Synergy line. The GX's feature Helyx 10™ protection technology that absorbs energy from the most aggressive of hits. Utilizing E-Cell high density foam and a stretchy mesh base, the pads offer high-end protection with excellent maneuverability and breathability.

  • The Easton Synergy 850 Shoulder Pads are one of Easton's upper level shoulder pads. Using Hyperskin™ technology, the 850's give a solid combination of protection and mobility. The stretch mesh base allows for excellent maneuverability and with the hydrophobic mesh liner, moisture is wicked away with ease.

  • The Easton Synergy 650 Shoulder Pads utilize a mixture of medium and high density foams to offer a good, form fitting pad. Using perforated, high density foam fitted with plastic inserts, the 650's not only provide protection of the sternum, chest, and spine, but also allow for air flow to perforate through the pads for a cool and dry feel.

  • The Easton Synergy 450 Shoulder Pads offer a lightweight, comfortable fit perfect for recreational play. Utilizing medium-density foam as a base, the shoulder caps, sternum, spine, and biceps are outfitted with plastic inserts for extra protection. The 450's Hyperskin™ fit technology offers a snug and flexible fit.

Easton Pro Hockey Shoulder Pads
Traditional Fit

  • The Easton Pro 10 Hockey Shoulder Pads are pro-inspired classic shoulder pads built for coverage and adaptable protection. It uses a 3-piece torso design for mobility and to keep the protective padding in place throughout the game. Easton uses a medium-density foam base in the torso with a removable belly guard.

  • The Easton PRO 7 Shoulder Pads offers solid protection and coverage for players at a recreational level. The sternum and spine guards have hard foam with plastic inserts to protect player in such a delicate area of the body. The PRO 7s include an integrated, foam bicep cover to guard against slashes. The shoulders are protected by molded hard caps with foam lining. 

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