IW Hockey offers a wide varity of hockey puck colors and weights to suit your level of play or training needs. IW Hockey offers the best price on the NHL Official 6 oz ice hockey puck. Plus check out our quantity discount offers on hockey pucks too.

Roller Hockey Pucks

Roller Hockey Pucks are a necessity for roller hockey or off-season training, so IW Hockey carries an assortment of top puck brands like Rocket, IDS Pro Shot, Red Star, Sonic and PROPUCK.

Roller Hockey Balls

Just trying to play some outdoor hockey in the driveway but need something that isn't going to ruin your mother's garden or windows? IW Hockey carries Roller Hockey Balls for any type of game. Whether you need a high or low density ball or need a glow-in-the-dark ball, we've got what you need.

Hockey Training Pucks and Balls

Can't get enough of hockey but don't have a sheet of ice or court to play on? Don't worry because IW Hockey carries Hockey Training Pucks and Balls so you can get your fix anytime. The training balls are mostly designed for faster stickhandling and the pucks can be used for stickhandling, passing and shooting.

Foam Pucks

Looking to play some intense indoor hockey without breaking moms china or denting the inside of your garage? Shooting on a goalie who is a little "soft"? Organizing a chuck-a-puck contest? Look no further. IW has you covered.

Mini Knee Hockey Pucks and Balls

Bring the intensity of the game indoors with knee hockey! IW carries knee hockey pucks and balls so you can make indoor hockey a reality. No matter if you shot and lost them, your pet chewed them up, or you just want a new set, IW has plenty of choices to add to your mini hockey arsenal.
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