Need to sharpen your hockey skates on the fly? How about keeping your skates and runners maintained? Ice Warehouse offers Ice Hockey Skate Blade Care & Accessories to make sure your skates are in tip-top shape for game time. We have everything from hockey skate sharpeners, re-edgers, and blade cloths, to ice hockey skate holder kits and hockey skate toe protectors.
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Ice Skate Blade Care & Accessories

  • The Edge Again IW Hockey Manual Player Skate Sharpener is perfect for use on the fly to sharpen your skates. Take it on the bench and add a fresh edge in between shifts to get back on the ice fast. The Edge Again is capable of sharpening 4 sides at once leaving 2 sharp edges and does not affect the blade contour. The Edge Again sharpens approx. 30 skates and features a replaceable sharpening tusk for quick changes. 

  • The Edge Again powered hockey skate sharpener is the perfect tool for coaches, team managers, or players who want to be able to keep a sharp edge on their skates anytime, anywhere. Keep the edge again skate sharpener on the bench for on the fly sharpening and get back on the ice fast. Similar to the manual Edge Again sharpener, the Powered version allows for even easier and faster sharpening for multiple skaters and ease of use. The Edge Again sharpener sharpens 4 sides at once, leaving 2 sharp edges without affecting the blade contour.

  • The Edge Again Manual Goalie Skate Sharpener has been used by dozens of NHL equipment managers and is a must-have for any ice hockey goalie. IW Hockey's Edge Again Sharpener is an economical tool quickly restores a lost edge, keeping you on the ice and off of the bench. The inexpensive sharpening tusks last for about 30 skate sharpenings and can be replaced in seconds.

  • The Edge Again Player replacement sharpening tusk is specifically designed for the manual and powered PLAYER Edge Again sharpeners. Sharpen approx. 30 more pairs of skates with each tusk and get back in the game quickly. Easy to snap in/ snap out for quick changes. 

  • The Sweet-Stick is a hand-held skate sharpener. The physics surrounding the creation of the Sweet-Stick is a fusion of composite materials that produces a ceramic with "Diamond-like Hardness" which will feel the steel. Using the Sweet-Stick in conjunction with traditional skate sharpening will give you the ULTIMATE EDGE!

  • The Ice Skate & Helmet Repair Kit consists of one toolbox that is equipped with all the fundamental hockey necessities. Don't waste time trying to find loose parts in your hockey bag! Players always need to be game time ready with the perfect ice skate and helmet repair kit.

  • Hand stones of the finest quality help maintain and prolong the life of the skate's sharpening. Stones will remove nicks and scratches from the sides, edges and hollow of the blade. Saves you money on sharpening!


  • The SK-8T Fuel Ice Skate Blade Coating works by reducing friction between the skate's runner and the ice surface it comes in contact with. SK-8T Fuel acts like a lubricant to offer a smoother and more fluid glide when corning, cutting, starting and stopping. After the first use, it increases the edge life of the skates and works to eliminate rust and slush by repelling it away. 

  • The Hockey Skate Toe Protector, manufactured by Pro Guard, is the perfect way to keep the toe of your skates in tip-top shape. The skate protector goes on with a Matte Black finish and will prevent future wear and tear to your new skates

  • If your locker room floor looks like a black lagoon you might want to pick up the Bauer Skate Mat. Keep your socks off the nasty floor, or if you're a hardcore hockey fan use it as a door mat too. Size: 23.5" L x 18" W




  • Store your replacement steel runners conveniently with the Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Service and Travel Kit.  The hard shell case stores and protects a pair of steel runners and the Tuuk LS wrench. 

  • The Bauer Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Travel Kit is made of high-quality and durable materials that will help protect your steel no matter what kind of abuse it takes. This in turn protects your runners, keeping them sharp and nick-free. When the kit is opened, there is room to place 2 sets of runners securely inside (4 total runners, not included). Near the center of the case, there are drain vents for moisture from freshly-used steel.

  • Bauer TUUK hardware are the replacement mounting screws for the Bauer Tuuk holders. Hardware available for both Lightspeed II and Custom+ Bauer Tuuk holders. 

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  • The Reebok and CCM Holder Hardware are the replacement posts and nuts for SpeedBlade and E-Pro Holder. The simple and effective design of these holders allows you to swap out steel and hardware in seconds. 


  • The Bauer Supreme TotalOne Tongue Insert Packs are replacement tongue inserts for the Bauer TotalOne skate.  The Total One tongue insert packs are offered in three different stiffnesses; mid, stiff, and x-stiff. Get the right forward flex stiffness for your skating style and maximize the performance of the TotalOne skates.


  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE 3-Flex Tongue Insert Pack gives players the option to customize your TotalONE MX3's and NXG's forward flexibility. These updated replacement inserts are made of a full carbon composite material that comes in three different stiffness ratings; Mid, Stiff and X-Stiff. 

  • The Felt hockey skate tongues, made by A&R, are the perfect replacement for your old, worn out skate tongues or a way to change up and customize your skates. The tongue features 8mm thick white felt with a stitched synthetic leather overlay with built in anti-lace bite guards. And if you like to flop forward the tongue, these work great. Works with most senior brand/models. Sold in pairs

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